The Journey

This is defined by DutySheet as the path a volunteer takes in his or her life within the organisation. How can DutySheet help you on this journey?


Engaging with a brand or organisation that you feel passionately enough to volunteer for is not always a straightforward exercise. Time, research and deliberation will all play a part, but how this administrative process is managed now, will set a precedent for the future, as first impressions undeniably count.

DutySheet simplifies the data collection process and engages the volunteer from the first encounter. Personal details are collected with ease and little interrogation, offering a friendly, yet professional approach.


Constant two-way communication is fundamental to the success of a good working partnership. A volunteer is an incredible asset to the team and in order to fulfil both parties expectations, it's essential to maintain an open and regular dialogue between volunteer and organisation.

DutySheet has various communication tools that act in a similar way to Social Media; offering regular news and announcements, important information and upcoming events. As well as finding this method of communication familiar, we understand the importance of both steering your path within an organisation and being part of a community of likeminded peers.


DutySheet can help the relationship between volunteer and its organisation by encouraging and monitoring feedback.

Rating events or tasks that one participates in can offer good insight for both volunteer and organisation. In order to retain volunteers, we look for feedback that will measure how motivated or valued a volunteer feels. Better understanding of this may prevent a volunteer from leaving.


The recruitment drive is a fundamental part of engaging volunteers and is the first experience of how your organisation operates.

It requires a serious amount of time and resource, especially surrounding the administration, but using DutySheet can simplify this by centralising data, collating applications and providing a searchable online location to organise and manage the entire process.


Volunteer coordinators are expected to be highly organised. It is a role that requires good admin skills and the ability to multi-task.

DutySheet helps to make this process even more efficient, by offering the best tools for the job. For example, mobilising teams for large events or communicating with skilled individuals can be done quickly and effectively with the Event Management functions.

Communication is made easier by using forums and online notice boards, which also provides the volunteer with their own community.


Organisations that invest in recruiting and training volunteers, will naturally want to keep their teams motivated.

DutySheet has a variety of built-in functionalities that allow you to monitor and rate feedback on activities or events.

Visual reports that identify low-performing tasks or events can be highlighted and easily presented.


Understanding the reasons for losing volunteers is important for continual growth and development.

Recording and reporting this information is simple with DutySheet and can offer a solution for organisations to better understand their staff turnover.