Created for full time employees of any organisation, DutySheet LEAP allows the resource management unit to mobilise their teams during major incidents or staff shortages.

Authorised users are able to create “call-outs” on DutySheet and choose which type of users should be notified by utilising the skills filter.

Depending on the severity of the call-out and the urgency of staff requirements, DutySheet sends out an email, SMS or even automated calls to a user's mobile or home phone number.

User responses are automatically displayed on DutySheet, negating the need to manually trawl through all responses.

What is LEAP?

LEAP is designed to meet the dynamic needs of emergency services in call-out management.

Call-Out Procedure

  • Accesible securely from any Internet device
  • Available 24/7
  • Easy to follow process
  • Custom functionality
  • Full API to integrate with in-house systems
  • Extensive reporting

The LEAP system is designed for resource planners who may need to perform call-outs due to various reasons.

Authenticated users create call-outs with the following filters:

  • Rank/role
  • Location
  • Skill

Once they have created the call-out with their minimum staffing requirements and depending on the severity of the call out, they can choose to communicate via:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Automatic Telephone Call

Email Integration

  • For non-urgent staffing
  • Multiple email addresses

Email notification can be selected as the sole method of contact for non-urgent call-outs or in tandem with SMS/Telephony notifications.

Emails are sent to all registered emails of users.

Responses can either be set to accept or reject call-out with a simple link or go through authentication.

SMS Notification

  • Instantly sent out to registered mobiles
  • Responses are collated automatically by DutySheet
  • Delivery status is monitored

If the call-out is time sensitive, then SMS notification can be selected.

Users reply back to SMS with their choice of response, which automatically updates DutySheet.

Resource management can instantly see who has received and who has responded to the SMS.

Telephony Integration

  • Automatic call to users telephone numbers
  • Instant results
  • Works with all home and mobile numbers
  • Can be secured with PIN authentication

If the call-out is deemed high priority and a minimum resource target is not met in time, DutySheet can automatically call nominated numbers of users.

The DutySheet IVR (interactive voice response) system will ask users to respond to the call out by a series of key presses.

Resource management staff can view live data levels as users are responding.


  • Full integration with in-house HR systems
  • Fully documented and secure API
  • Reduces administrative overheads

The DutySheet API allows organisations to fully integrate their in-house systems with DutySheet preventing any duplication of information.