DutySheet has a number of two-way and top down tools that make communication between user and supervisor simple and efficient.

Supervisors have the ability to send emails to single or group of recipients (with attachments if permitted) at the touch of a button.

DutySheet's email delivery service ensures that emails are delivered, with replies being sent and returned to the sender's email address.

DutySheet has a built-in messaging system that allows any user with permission to send and receive messages securely. Messages are protected with encryption and stay within the DutySheet network.

Users can send messages with ease using the intuitive search function that allows them to be sent to single or group recipients. In addition, users can see when their messages are viewed with the built-in read and deleted receipts.

The integrated SMS feature allows users to efficiently communicate with single or group recipients.

This feature plays a critical part in event management by confirming delivery of each message and allowing recipients to accept or reject invitations of their availability and respond directly to DutySheet. This integrated feature negates the need for a supervisor to manually read each message.

This simple, yet effective tool allows users to post announcements to anyone in a specific location or to the whole organisation.

Recipients are able to archive announcements and read them at their convenience. Users will receive an audit providing information on who has viewed the posts to ensure important information is reaching all.

When a volunteer completes an event based duty they are asked to rate the event and provide feedback. This is an invaluable tool to ensure users stay motivated.

Feedback will provide an honest insight into which events your volunteers enjoy, help monitor morale and increase retention rates.

Upon login to DutySheet, numerous messages can be displayed and requests for acknowledgement sent, to complete the login process.

You are able to change the content and control the frequency in which the messages are displayed to ensure important information is reaching your users.