Quality Assurance Policy

Effective date: October 1, 2015


DutySheet is committed to a policy of quality assurance throughout the company products and services, ensuring that the professional service quality satisfies the specific requirements of all clients. It is the policy of the company to market and supply products and professional services of a quality that are fit for purpose, comply with industry standards and are based on solving the need of the clients.

We aim to do this by:

  • Developing a productive work environment and fostering a performance based culture
  • Ensuring that quality standards are met prior to delivery of all products and services, through appropriate quality control and quality assurance practices
  • Focusing on managing, leading and developing people resulting in proactive employees, positive management and high performing teams
  • Continual improvement of processes that will lead to achievement of higher levels of performance

We affirm quality through:


  • The Management is committed to quality by providing all the necessary resources in terms of manpower, skills, tools etc.
  • Management review meetings are conducted quarterly to monitor the effectiveness and continuing suitability of quality assurance.

Agile development

  • Agile development methodolgy allows DutySheet to eliminate waste by removing delays in the software development process and improve internal communication, amplify learning, and empower the development team to make decisions about how to best achieve the goals.
  • Working through iterations, all stakeholders aim to reduce impediments facing the development and testing teams.

Risk management

  • All projects follow a well-defined software planning process, which involves detailed estimations, quantitative goal setting for the project, risk planning, software configuration planning, quality planning and resource planning.

Value Added Services

  • Peer reviews & test driven methodolgy: DutySheet's well-defined process for conducting peer reviews aims for an independent assessment of the content and quality of the work products under review. Testing encompasses Unit, Peer, Integration, System and Acceptance testing.


  • A Software quality assurance committee is established whose role is to conduct regular audits and reviews in the projects to ensure compliance to organisation standards. They are responsible for early detection of problems/ warning in the project, gathering process improvements and sharing learning across projects.

Continous Improvement

  • Model based approach: In corroboration with the quality goals, DutySheet has a well-structured Quality Management System having a strong process focus and comprising of procedures, guidelines and standards.


  • We strive to continuously improve our processes and performance. With this in mind our future aims are to:
    • Maintain PASF certification.
    • Complete ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification