The purpose of this function is to simplify and streamline the administration process surrounding the planning, delivery and management of events. Anything from small meetings to large scale public events can be managed effectively using the correct tools.

In times of urgency or expediency, SMS is an essential “go-to” tool for event planning.

Volunteers are able to receive invitations to events via SMS. Replies are instantly updated on the event management tool and upon acceptance, an activity is automatically booked for them.

If deadlines have expired or capacity has been reached, volunteers are entered into a reserve box, giving event planners the option to move users around.

When setting up an event, supervisors are able to set up a skills filter and select volunteers with or without a certain skillset.

Volunteers and supervisors can view upcoming events in both their own calendars or event management calendars.

All statistics, including hours worked and completed KPI's can be collated into one report.

As with most reports on DutySheet, the stats are exportable to Excel.

When a volunteers completes an event based activity they are asked to rate the event and provide feedback. This is an invaluable tool to ensure volunteers stay motivated.

Feedback will provide an honest insight into the event preferences of your volunteers, help monitor morale and increase retention rates.