Introducing Assemble

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new product for the Charity sector.

As its name and logo represents, Assemble focuses on bringing people and process together with one powerful solution.

It is increasingly difficult for organisations to connect, manage and retain volunteers. With data spread across different silos, inefficient communication, and no real overview of volunteers.

We built Assemble to answer questions outdated, clumsy software couldn’t.

Assemble is our new, easy to use, cloud-based platform that’s built specifically for volunteer management. It provides powerful and flexible tools to manage every aspect of the volunteer journey, from recruitment and compliance to communication, engagement and retention.

For years, the sector has been served with ineffective solutions. With changing trends and privacy regulations like the introduction of GDPR, applications used previously may no longer be the answer to your needs. Assemble is the simple, intuitive solution with enough flexibility for any organisation - find out more at