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DutySheet is a comprehensive volunteer management tool.

Recruit & Retain

DutySheet offers a full life-cycle in volunteer management.

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Tailor-made solutions

DutySheet can be customised to meet your organisation’s needs.

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Comprehensive Support

All users have access to our help centre and experienced support team.

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About Us

DutySheet is and always has been about volunteering.

The beginnings

DutySheet was created and developed by volunteer supervisors, determined to find an accessible solution in the management of their teams.

DutySheet continually adapts and refines its features by listening to users feedback.

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Volunteers and volunteer management are at the core of DutySheet. The system is designed so users can engage with others, participate in their chosen events and be kept informed of their organisation’s internal news.
DutySheet is a dynamic organisation that prides itself on great customer service and support. With over 20,000 active users, DutySheet staff are experienced in all aspects of volunteering.
Each organisation that joins DutySheet automatically becomes part of the DutySheet Network. This online community allows users to share experiences and knowledge as well as providing additional support.

Empower your Volunteers

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Why DutySheet?

DutySheet is constantly evolving and innovating with the addition of each new user and their invaluable feedback.

Tailor-made Solutions

  • Modular system
  • Custom dictionaries
  • Own setting control
  • Custom functionality
  • Full API to integrate with in-house systems
  • Custom reporting

DutySheet understands that each organisation has different needs with regards to their volunteers.

With our modular design, users are able to choose the functionalities that are relevant to them.

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Comprehensive Support

  • Online access to helpdesk
  • Access to DutySheet community
  • Coordinators can see all tickets
  • 24/7 Major Service Outage support
  • Full telephone/email support during working hours
  • Over 98% support satisfaction rate*
  • Knowledgeable and friendly support staff

DutySheet provides full support to all users of our products via telephone and email.

We utilise leading helpdesk software that gives you full access to your individual and organisational tickets.

*January - December 2014

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Always Innovating

  • Regular functionality updates
  • Full feature instructions
  • User feedback applied

DutySheet is for volunteers by volunteers.

All users benefit from DutySheet's growing community as feedback is encouraged and listened to.

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Knowledge Centre

  • Fully documented online
  • Monthly webcasts to showcase new functionalities
  • Searchable help pages
  • Easy to follow guides
  • HD quality video guides
  • FAQs published

All users get access to the DutySheet Help Centre which contains full documentation.

Further documentation is also accessible to supervisors and administrators.

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